The Tea of Truth


“So this is safe to drink, right?” I asked as Lethril poured me a cup.

“If it wasn't, I wouldn't be drinking it myself,” they said. “I triple checked the ingredients. We're completely safe, I just want to know the effectiveness of the dosage.”

I nodded. I trusted Lethril. They and I had been on several adventures together. Catfolk and Dragonfolk weren't known to get along, but witches and sorcerers in parties full of burly mercenaries tended to get along quite well. We had taken to meeting for brunch between adventures, and asking each other for advice on spells. So, naturally, when Lethril said they had developed a potion of truth that could be brewed into a tea, I offered to help test it.

We each took a sip from the cups before us. The tea was slightly bitter, but had a distinctly minty aroma to it. I waited for a while, to see if there were any side effects. When none appeared, I looked at Lethril and smiled.

“So now what? Do we ask each other questions, see who reveals the most?”

“I guess so,” said Lethril. “Do you mind if I have some fun with it?”

“Why not?” I replied. “We might as well.”

“Ok, then,” said Lethril, resting their head in one scaled claw. “What is your favorite part of me?”

“Your dick,” I blurted out. Lethril blinked.

“Seriously?” they asked.

“Yeah,” I said, unable to stop myself. “After that one time I caught you masturbating in the inn, I haven't been able to get the sight of it out of my head. That tapered, rigged thickness was practically hypnotic. I've pleasured myself thinking about getting rammed by your girth practically every night since then.” I felt my face flush under my fur. I was unable to meet Lethril in the eyes.

“I'm sorry,” I said. “This tea must be strong or something.”

“Don't apologize,” said Lethril “this is what the testing is for, and anyway I've never been more turned on than by what you just said.”

I turned and stared at Lethril. Their eyes were as wide as mine, and a scaled hand was covering their mouth. We sat there for a moment, than burst out laughing.

“You're right,” said Lethril. “The tea is pretty strong.”

“Ah, gods,” I said. “This has been so arousing, I mean embarrassing no I mean arousing oh to Hel with it.”

“We're gonna have to stop,” said Lethril. “Or else I'm gonna say something about the fact that I think you have a cute butt and chances are good I was thinking about it the night you caught me oh gods.”

“Just let it happen,” I said. “There's no point in fighting it, I think it just makes it stronger.”

“Gods,” said Lethril. “I can't stop thinking about what you said.”

“About wanting you to fuck me?”

“Gods, yes!” said Lethril, laughing and covering their eyes. “Its a really provocative image and I have been having a dry spell lately and I really, really want to fuck you.”

After that we were silent again for a moment. We were each looking at each other in a new light. We had been comrades in arms for years, but we had never really dealt with our apparently mutual attraction for each other. I felt my face get hot as I looked over the strapping young Dragonfolk. They were really quite handsome. Was there any harm in us taking things further?

“I'm wet,” I said. “So much that its kind of uncomfortable.”

“Yeah,” said Lethril. “Well, I'm rock hard.”

“We should do something about this,” I said. “And I'd really like it if that something involved you ripping my clothes of with your teeth.”

“I think I can oblige,” said Lethril, who stood up and undid the front of their robe, letting it fall from their shoulders. I looked them up and down taking every inch of their scaly form, my eyes lingering on their tapered, rigged cock.

“Meow,” I said. Lethril laughed.

“Were you serious about the teeth thing?” said Lethril. “I'd hate to see you walk home naked, and that is a very fetching dress.”

“Truth potion, remember?” I said, standing up. “And besides, I have ten dresses just like it.”

“Alright, then,” they said. “Get on the table.” I did as they asked, sitting down on the table, legs spread. Lethril walked over to me and gripped each shoulder of my dress with one of their claws. Then, pausing briefly to give me a quick peck on the lips, they grabbed the front of my dress with their teeth and ripped it completely to shreds, leaving me naked and dripping wet on the table. They looked me over, head to toe.

“Gods,” they said. “You're beautiful.” I smiled.

“Come here,” I said. They walked over to me, and I pulled them into a passionate kiss with one paw while guiding their cock into me with their other. As their tapered member slid into me below, I felt the wet thickness of their serpentine tongue probe my mouth above, and whimpered in delight. They moaned, and began to slowly and steadily hump me. I responded by moving my hips in tandem, hooking my legs around their hips. We broke the kiss, and stared into each other's eyes as the rhythm of our lovemaking slowly began to build.

Unfortunately, neither of us was going to last long after the arousing confessional we had earlier. It wasn't long before we were panting heavily and I felt myself begin to reach a peak.

“Ah, gods,” I stammered, “I-I think I'm close.”

“So am I,” said Lethril. “Are you going to loosen your legs, or—”

“Nope!” I said, grabbing their ass and holding them in. “I want you to leave me a sloppy, sticky mess.”

“W-well,” they said, “You're gonna get your wish...hnnnn!” And with a grunt and a few last thrusts, they let loose their load. The feeling of their throbbing cock inside me pushed me over my respective edge as well, and I felt my walls tighten around them as I yowled in pleasure. Soon we were both huffing and panting, and as Lethril let their cock slip from inside me, a wad of cum dripped from inside me and fell onto the floor.

“Well,” I said, “Good thing I offered to help you clean the kitchen when you sent the invite.”